by jsdraven on April 4th, 2014

There’s something to be said about a stranger that leads a lasting impression. These days most impressions aren’t positive, but still, every now and then we’re left charmed.

This is the sort of mentality that led me to¬†The Envoy’s Interlude. It was that mysterious allure of a charming stranger that turned those gears in my head. Although it gave birth to a brief short, it’s really a snapshot into something more. I intend to create a few more shorts in this universe that barb the secret questions, doubts, and fears inside us.

The Envoy’s Interlude (ebook short)

The Envoy's Interlude

A chance encounter with a charming stranger leads COLIN to one of the most interesting conversations he’s ever had. MICHAEL is no ordinary stranger on COLIN’S train ride to Seattle. And while the two delve into topics like the meaning of life, COLIN begins to unravel MICHAEL’S mysterious past. There’s more to MICHAEL. There’s something different… something more than human

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