There Is Magic In The Writing.

by jsdraven on November 29th, 2013

Shall I entertain bore you with my journey on getting my first novel out? I’ll spare you (and you can thank @JeffeKennedy for that). But, I do plan on writing down some of the random musings I ensnare myself with. So, let’s get the tasty bits out of the way and entice you with what I have to offer…

Call me an escapist, but writing has always been a way to escape the mundane day-to-day that is life. The sad thing though, is that my form of escape isn’t to some far off fantasy or paradise. Nor, is it your typical adventures of some hero or underdog overcoming impossible odds. Strangely, it’s in the writing that lifts the veil and uncovers the deep dirty secrets about the human psyche. A lot of the Western world is used to the popular and even Hollywood-ized (?) storytelling that wraps things up nicely and gives you your happy ending. Emotional masochist? Perhaps. Though, I find a certain enchantment in the vulnerability and exposé of human nature. Yes, it can be a dark place. And yet, I’m daringly optimistic that there’s beauty in the naked truth.

I certainly don’t mean to cast a dark shadow over it all. In fact, I think it challenges me to find the beauty. Some of the best stories have haunted me with their tragic endings–sometimes hungover on romantic musings. There is beauty in the loss of a flower, if only to appreciate its short lifespan. There is beauty in life, also if only to appreciate our limited time. So, I dare challenge you to find the beauty.

Unfinished Wonderland

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